Ibiza Nights

Hora Ibizais a high-tech surprise factor created by Junior for Junior’s Entertainment to bring a futuristic and Clubbie yet elegant approach to Private Events.  He mixed Neon + Laser + CO2 + EDM music + Ibiza Clubbing culture with his Dancers and LED Robots performing synchronously with Junior’s Bands or DJ’s, Lighting, and special effects.  This exciting formula has become a great go-to style since 2013 in the most prestigious events nationally and internationally.  This enhancement is suggested during the peak Dancing time or as a high note to close your event.  Junior’s LED Ibiza Dancers are available in Clubbie Red, Neon White, and Cat Black.  Please do not hesitate in contacting Junior’s Team for availability and pricing.

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Cat Black

Clubbie Red

Neon White

CO2 Robots